Three Unique Flower Delivery Ideas For Mom

When it comes to celebrating your mom, you don't have to wait until Mother's Day to show her how special she is. Unique floral arrangements provide countless ways to show the mom in your life just how much she is loved. Here are a few idea to consider as you talk to your florist about different flower delivery options.

One For Now And One For Later

If your mom loves gardening, consider giving her a basket filled with the flowers she loves along with seeds to grow her own. This gift lets her enjoy the beauty of freshly cut flowers the day she receives them while also giving her a way to bring more beauty to her garden later. Talk to your florist about other accessories you can use for this idea. For example, you can have the flowers arranged in a vintage-style watering can, or you can accessorize the arrangement with gardening gloves or other hand tools. Have your florist add ribbons to any accessories sent with the flowers for a perfect finishing touch.

Tea Time

Give mom a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers with a tea time bouquet. Have your florist arrange a small collection of flowers in a teacup or tea pot, and consider having a few tea bags worked into the arrangement. Mom can use the cup and bags to pour herself a hot cup of whenever she likes, and she can display the flowers in the kitchen for a cheery addition to the room. This option can be done with virtually any type of flower, and it provides a gift that can also be used later. If your mom prefers coffee to tea, use a coffee mug in place of the teacup.

Breakfast In Bed

Even if you can't be there, you can still offer your mom a way to have breakfast in bed. Have your florist create a small bouquet in a simple vase, and have your florist partner with a local bakery to create a muffin or pastry basket. The items can be delivered together along with a traditional breakfast tray, giving your mom everything she needs to treat herself to a delicious breakfast that she doesn't have to make on her own. Be sure to ask for a morning delivery time so she can enjoy both the flowers and the freshly baked treats before she starts her day.

Your florist may have other fun and sweet delivery ideas for moms. Ask about any special promotions or unique offerings available, and take some time to recognize the woman who gives you all of her love and support.