4 Tips For Creating Rustic Wedding Flower Arrangements That Bring Your Guests Back To The Country Life

Rustic country weddings are a way to both celebrate country life while retaining the elegance of a traditional wedding. One of the biggest ways you can contribute to the overall rustic feel of your wedding is through the flower arrangements — they're the perfect way to remind your guests of country life. To help you create the perfect rustic wedding flower arrangements, here are a few tips.

1. Choose Flowers that Fit the Season

Rustic weddings are all about returning to nature, so it's important to select primary flowers that remind people of being outdoors. Daisies and sunflowers are the perfect choice for rustic weddings held in the spring, fall, and summer. During the winter, you may wish to opt for neutral-toned dahlias, especially if it's snowing outside.

Wildflowers are a popular choice for rustic weddings. In fact, professional florists love using them because they work very well as accents — the tiny blooms provide contrast to larger flowers such as dahlias, roses, and sunflowers. Baby's breath is a popular choice for rustic weddings, and its gentle presence works well with both strongly-colored flowers such as sunflowers and neutral-colored flowers such as dahlias.

2. Add Greenery for a Rustic Look

One of the best ways to create a rustic look for your wedding flowers is to use plenty of greenery — the leaves and stems that are often trimmed off of flowers used in other styles of weddings should instead be left on. In addition, don't be afraid to add fresh herbs such as sage, dill, and lavender to your flower arrangements. Even though they're not flowers, they help contribute to the rustic look. As an added bonus, including plenty of green space and stems in your rustic wedding flowers reduces the cost and can ease your wedding budget.

3. Use Traditional Wedding Flowers to Provide Contrast

Of course, not everything in your rustic wedding flower arrangements needs to be rustic. Adding perfectly-cut roses from a florist to your arrangements gives them a traditional look that acts as a perfect contrast to the rustic flowers, which increases visual interest. Consider adding two or three to each centerpiece and more to the wedding bouquet.

4. Arrange Flowers in Rustic-Themed Centerpieces

Selecting flowers for your rustic country wedding is only half of the process — you'll also need to select an appropriate container. Mason jars, wooden boxes, pails, and old milk containers are all excellent choices for your rustic wedding centerpieces.

Keeping your flowers appropriate to the season and using plenty of greenery is the best way to ensure that your wedding flower arrangements have a rustic look that easily blends in with the overall theme of your wedding. If you need help selecting flowers or need a place to purchase them, contact a wedding florist from a company like Bella Fiora A Floral Design Studio. They'll even help you arrange your centerpieces and give you ideas about which flowers would suit your chosen wedding colors while still remaining appropriately rustic.