Preserve A Beautiful Floral Display

A special ceremony, an anniversary, or a birthday celebration may involve the use of flowers. A beautiful floral display that you would like to remember can be carefully preserved. Preservation services can conserve entire displays or individual flowers. 

Preliminary Steps

Before a specialist dries out flowers and uses a preserving agent to conserve a display, you will need to determine how you would like a display to look and the complexity of the display. A preserving agent is used to conserve the appearance and texture of many different flower varieties. Long-stemmed roses, pansies, daisies, and decorative plants are just some of the floral and plant types that can be treated with a preserving agent.

A preserved display can be anchored inside a vase or can be secured inside a picture frame that contains a cover. Oxygen and moisture can ruin the appearance of flowers. A preserving agent acts like a barrier and will prevent environmental factors from compromising the appearance of flowers. A flower preservation service may include trimming flowers, anchoring them, and setting them up inside a display piece. 


Preserving flowers is a practice that may yield some beautiful keepsakes that can be displayed inside your home. A florist may provide preservation services. Since a florist prepares fresh-cut flowers and the display pieces that a consumer purchases, they will be able to recreate the manner in which a floral display was originally set up. You can enjoy a fresh floral display for the length of time that a product is anticipated to last.

During the time that you are enjoying the flowers, you should use plant food and fresh water to ensure that the flowers maintain their shape, color, and texture. While you are enjoying the flowers, consider what place of business you will use to perform the preservation steps. If any of the flowers droop while you are still enjoying them, a preservation specialist can use products to reinstate the natural rigidness of the stems and floral petals.

In some instances, flowers may lose their color. A specialist who is going to oversee a preservation project will use a dye agent to add vibrant color to any petals that have faded. They will also trim parts of a flower that are brown and showing signs of decomposition. A specialist can use plaques, labels, and other accessories to make a preserved floral display unique and personal.

For more information, contact a floral preservation service