5 Benefits Of Having Hanging Terrariums In Your Home

If you love plants, you may want to add a hanging terrarium to your living quarters. This is a glass space that will allow you the right location to grow your plants. These offer a great deal of attractiveness and many other advantages for any homeowner. Being aware of the reasons why you should choose this item for your house is sure to be helpful. Benefit #1: Better air quality  [Read More]

Violets And Vows: The 3 Best Flowers For A Spring Wedding

Spring has sprung, and with spring comes the beginning of wedding season, where engagements promised in the wintery months come to fruition. You can't have a wedding without some flowers, after all, and flowers mean a trip to the florist to decide exactly which buds are perfect for this new blooming of your relationship. But if you're not sure which flowers to go with, are wondering what the meaning of your pre-chosen flowers could be, or you're just not sure what's in season during the springtime, it can be that much harder to check flowers off your wedding to-do list. [Read More]

Three Unique Flower Delivery Ideas For Mom

When it comes to celebrating your mom, you don't have to wait until Mother's Day to show her how special she is. Unique floral arrangements provide countless ways to show the mom in your life just how much she is loved. Here are a few idea to consider as you talk to your florist about different flower delivery options. One For Now And One For Later If your mom loves gardening, consider giving her a basket filled with the flowers she loves along with seeds to grow her own. [Read More]

Three Things To Do With Your Old Flower Arrangements

Getting a new flower arrangement on a regular basis is how some people keep their homes and tables looking pretty. If you enjoy flowers, you may purchase flowers on a regular basis. When you are buying flowers each week, you may find yourself needing empty the old flower vases and throwing out the old flowers. Instead of throwing away the flowers, there are better things that you can do with the old arrangement. [Read More]