Three Things To Do With Your Old Flower Arrangements

Getting a new flower arrangement on a regular basis is how some people keep their homes and tables looking pretty. If you enjoy flowers, you may purchase flowers on a regular basis. When you are buying flowers each week, you may find yourself needing empty the old flower vases and throwing out the old flowers. Instead of throwing away the flowers, there are better things that you can do with the old arrangement. [Read More]

Three Reasons Why Certain Flowers Go Up In Price

If you regularly send flowers to someone special, you might be surprised at the hike in price on some flowers during the year. It does not necessarily have to be a holiday. The prices seem to jump at certain times of the year, even with the most ordinary of days. If you want to be a little bit more savvy about purchasing flowers and not spending quite so much, here are the reasons why certain flowers jump in price. [Read More]