Three Reasons Why Certain Flowers Go Up In Price

If you regularly send flowers to someone special, you might be surprised at the hike in price on some flowers during the year. It does not necessarily have to be a holiday. The prices seem to jump at certain times of the year, even with the most ordinary of days. If you want to be a little bit more savvy about purchasing flowers and not spending quite so much, here are the reasons why certain flowers jump in price.


It may be because there is a high demand for roses or orchids, and the greenhouses cannot produce enough good blooms to sell to the flower shops. It may also be because the places where flowers are grown have been hit with a blight, pests, or brutally harsh winter weather. Whatever the cause, the effect is scarcity. Hence, the price on these flowers skyrockets.

Wedding Season

Wedding season is anywhere from mid-spring to mid-fall, with the majority of weddings landing in the summer months. During these months, you will find it incredibly difficult to get inexpensive roses (even though they are in season!), lilies, orchids, daisies, and irises. Almost any other flower is easy enough to find for cheap, but the others during wedding season are reserved for the brides that demand them.

The Flowers You Want Are Not in Season

Have you ever tried to buy a bouquet of long-stemmed roses in December? That was difficult, right? It was not exactly Valentine's Day nor wedding season, but here the real problem is the season of the year. Flowers that do not grow in winter (and virtually none do) are out-of-season flowers. It is very similar to wanting fresh strawberries at the grocery store only to find some sad strawberries that have been grown in South America and shipped here. You cannot quite get exactly what you want for the same price as when you buy the same things when they are in season.

Ergo, flowers that grow in June and July are difficult to get. You have to order several days in advance, and then have them shipped directly to the recipient or to your home where you can make sure the cold winter has not killed them during the shipping process. You not only pay extra to find the flowers you want, but you also pay quite a bit more because you have to have them shipped to an address that is not a florist's shop.