Three Things To Do With Your Old Flower Arrangements

Getting a new flower arrangement on a regular basis is how some people keep their homes and tables looking pretty. If you enjoy flowers, you may purchase flowers on a regular basis. When you are buying flowers each week, you may find yourself needing empty the old flower vases and throwing out the old flowers. Instead of throwing away the flowers, there are better things that you can do with the old arrangement. Here are three things that you can do with old flower arrangements that will stave away waste:

Turn it into potpourri

If you enjoy a good smelling home, you may like potpourri. One of the things that you may not enjoy about potpourri is because of the unnatural chemicals. Along with pine cones, you can add in the bulbs from the flowers of your old, dry arrangement and include them inside of the bowl. Add in your favorite fragrant essential or all natural oils. This will keep your home smelling good and it will be completely natural and fine for your family to breathe in. You can continuously add to your potpourri when your new bouquets begin to wilt. 

Dry out the bulbs and offer them to wedding parties 

If you are active in a religious community that hosts weddings or if you have friends and family that have a wedding coming up, you can offer dried flower petals for the flower girl baskets. Dry out the flower petals in the sun for several days, then put them inside of loose plastic bags, so that they do not become crumbled. You can offer these to your church to store or place them in an airy, dry area to keep them saved until they are needed by a bride. 

 Compost flowers

If you enjoy growing flowers and plants along with having bouquets around, you may want to create organic soil and compost to help these plants grow. You can turn your old flowers into flower compost by cutting them up and using the stem pieces along with the flowers inside of soil. This will help keep soil organic and fertilized. Be sure to chop up the flowers as small as possible so that the flower pieces break down quickly. Putting these inside of your plants and flowers will aid the growth and make sure that you do not have to feed your plants and flowers artificial substances to aid their growth. 

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