Violets And Vows: The 3 Best Flowers For A Spring Wedding

Spring has sprung, and with spring comes the beginning of wedding season, where engagements promised in the wintery months come to fruition. You can't have a wedding without some flowers, after all, and flowers mean a trip to the florist to decide exactly which buds are perfect for this new blooming of your relationship.

But if you're not sure which flowers to go with, are wondering what the meaning of your pre-chosen flowers could be, or you're just not sure what's in season during the springtime, it can be that much harder to check flowers off your wedding to-do list. So if you're looking for the best flowers for a spring wedding, then here's what you need to know.


Coming in tons of different pastel colors and shades, peonies are perfect for a couple who prefer a more colorful beginning to their marriage. They're also mid-spring flowers, blooming in April and May for weddings smack-dab in the middle of the season.

As an incredibly popular flower whose name allegedly comes from an ancient Greek myth, peonies are said to stand for riches, honor, romance, and good fortune — a great way to cement the relationship of a lifetime.


Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that come in tight clusters, looking not unlike popcorn balls but with petals. These flowers are both cute and can withstand the heat; they bloom in late spring in the American South (especially if they're of the variety paniculata) and don't wither under the sun nor the humidity of a Southern spring.

The hydrangea flower was first discovered in Japan, and it is said to represent sincerity of feeling — a perfect sentiment for the day you tie you and your loved one together forever.


Found all over the world, magnolia flowers are bright white, super fragrant, and incredibly striking, with wide petals and dark green stems. They bloom as early as February or March, depending on how warm your climate is, making them the perfect flower for an early spring wedding. They're also rather large, which means you can get away with buying fewer of them per centerpiece or bouquet — a definite plus for a wedding on a budget.

Magnolias were named after a famous French botanist (though not the man who discovered them) and are said to stand for beauty, dignity, and honor — three traits that any bride or groom should cherish in the other.